Shuan watching over the kids as they practice their surfing skills on Muizenberg beach

People of Projects Abroad: Shuan Solomons - Surfing Coordinator in South Africa

Learn about Shuan’s story and his role as the Surfing Coordinator in South Africa
By Julie Brondeel | 29th May, 2019
Updated on 16th July, 2019

An organisation is only as extraordinary as its people, and those we have plenty of! We employ and train all our own volunteer staff support. Many of them being locals who know the field and areas they work in well. Their passion, knowledge and initiative are what makes our projects great. It is also what builds their trust with you, our project partners and the beneficiaries we work with.

Our Surfing Coordinator in South Africa, Shuan Solomons, is one such person. Having been with Projects Abroad for over 10 years, he is the epitome of passion and embodies everything that we, as a company, are about. Just like the rest of our staff, he is committed to the management and support of our volunteers.

Shuan out in the water with the kids during surfing lessons

Having come from a background similar to the children he works with every day, he knows the daily struggles of poverty and crime in the townships. From the moment he joined Projects Abroad, he has made it his duty to ensure these children get a great a chance at life, just like he did. He knows the battles they fight and the joy that surfing brings. “I want the kids to learn that if you have a positive attitude, you can achieve anything. (…) I want to make sure they become the next positive leaders for their future”, says Shuan.

It is his empathy, commitment and love of working with the volunteers that truly make this project great. “The volunteers bring to the project a different lifestyle, a different mindset. (…) They can also influence the kids positively.”

Watch the video below to find out more about Shuan’s story, his role in our volunteer management team, and the influence he has at our Surfing Project in South Africa.

Shuan laughs while being interviewed about the Surfing Project in South Africa

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