Our senior leadership team plays a vital role in making sure we continue to do worthwhile work in countries around the world. This includes things like evaluating projects, coming up with ways to improve them, and guiding staff on all levels.

Many of them started as volunteers themselves, so they know all about how to make your trip a rewarding one. They have years (and in some cases decades!) of experience with Projects Abroad, so they’ve developed a deep connection with each of our projects and are truly committed to the amazing work we do.

Peter Slowe

Executive Chair

Greg Thomson

Chief Executive Officer

David Flaschner

Chief Technology Officer

Somi Cho

Operations Director

Ligaya Basalo

Operations Manager

Mircea Samoila

Operations Manager

Jerylee Wong

Operations Manager

Suzy Adams

Operations Manager

Guillermo Alejandro Cogorno

Personnel Director

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