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Volunteer Abroad as a Family

The concept of volunteering abroad with your family is growing in popularity - and with good reason. Living and volunteering in a developing country with your family is an intriguing challenge and a good learning process which can bring a family together in new ways.

Some people taking a career break or pause in full-time education do not want to leave their families behind while going overseas. Other people see their trip as a great way to teach their children to grow emotionally and learn new skills while at the same time exploring the everyday life in a developing country. Regardless of motivation, our volunteering families find that living and working together in a developing country gives all family members a unique shared experience.

Can I bring my children?

Yes, Projects Abroad has many projects where you can bring your children – if they are at least four years old. The appropriateness of each project depends on the age of your children, your needs and the details of the placement on the ground.

In most countries we cannot arrange day care for your children. However, it can be arranged that one parent stay home and take care of the child while the other parent works on a project.

  • Ages 0-3: Projects Abroad cannot allow volunteers to travel with children younger than 4 years old.

  • Ages 4-14: Children between 4-14 years old can be accommodated and work with their parent(s) for an extra fee. Please contact us for more information.

  • Ages 15+: If your child is aged 15 or older, he/she may volunteer without the accompaniment of a parent at the standard per person price.

In which destinations and on which projects can we volunteer?

Volunteer abroad as a family overseas

When setting up arrangements for a family to volunteer together, we always keep in mind that there is no such thing as a typical family. We therefore work hard to personalise your project and accommodation to your personal situation. That being said, there are certain destinations and project categories that we find more suitable than others for families.

We can usually arrange projects for families in all destinations except China and Costa Rica. In Jamaica families are welcome, however, children cannot go to work with their parents, so one parent needs to look after the children, or child care can be arranged.

Project categories that we specifically recommend for families include Care, Teaching and Sports.

To find out what we can set up for you, give us a call or email to discuss your personal circumstances.

Couples: Can I bring my spouse or significant other?

Yes. Friends, significant others, and husbands/wives are certainly welcome and, if you like, we can arrange placements where you can live and/or work together.

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