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Volunteer Overseas

Middle School Specials for Ages 12 to 15

Middle School volunteers pose while at their placement

Experience what life is like in other countries, learn about other cultures, and get an introduction to volunteering through our Middle School Specials. Designed for students between the ages of 12 and 15, Middle School Specials are a great way to explore the world, build friendships with other young people, and have experiences that no classroom can offer.

Volunteering abroad is popular with high school students and growing numbers of younger students are interested in the same experience. Building on our of experience with high school students, our Middle School Specials are safe and structured programmes that focus on what young people learn through experiences, not textbooks.

Cultural exchange is a big part of the programme. See the sights, learn about the traditions, music, and dance, try delicious food, and meet local people. Our staff are there every step of the way, guiding the experience and making sure everyone is comfortable and safe.

Explore our Middle School Specials below. Parents or teachers who want to know more about the programme can read about the structure and what we provide here.


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