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Volunteer Overseas

Intern Abroad and Volunteer Abroad Programs

We work in a wide range of projects located all around the world. When you go abroad with Projects Abroad, you specify when you want to go, where and what project you want to do. Everywhere our volunteers go, we employ full-time, professional staff to help you be effective in your job and generally to make sure that things go smoothly.

Which project is best for me?

Age Range Anyone (16+) Anyone (16+) Teens (16-19) Anyone(12+) Professionals
Duration Flexible Flexible 2-4 Weeks Flexible Flexible
Start Dates Flexible Flexible Fixed - Summer
Flexible Flexible
Staff Support Weekly Weekly Constant Constant Weekly

Volunteer & Intern Abroad Projects for All Ages

Gain Professional Experience Abroad in a worthwhile field
Anyone (16+)

Intern Abroad projects are for anyone 16 or older to develop skills in a particular field by volunteering alongside local professionals in the role of an intern and helping as needed. While the majority of projects to not have experience requirements, you should have a strong interest in the field in which you are working. Available throughout the year, you can start anytime and choose your duration.

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International Service Projects for All ages
Anyone (16+)

Volunteer Abroad projects are for anyone 16 and older to undertake valuable service work to benefit the communities in which we work. Almost all projects to not have any requirements and are suitable for anyone who wants to give back by volunteering abroad. Available throughout the year, you can start anytime and choose your duration.

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Just for teens

Group Service Trips for High School Students
Teens (16-19)

High Schools Specials are for teens (16-19 years old) to join a group of their peers participating in worthwhile service and professional development projects under the constant supervision of Projects Abroad staff. These projects have set dates for 2-week and 4-week periods and follow a busy daily schedule, including guided tourism trips and cultural activities.

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For school and University Students

For Schools, Universities and Corporations

Groups of 5 or more can participate in tailor-made group trips in any destination. Most projects can be customized to fit the goals of a group and the needs of the local communities in which we work.

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Just for Professionals

Volunteering Abroad for Skilled Professionals
Professionals (30+)

These projects are structured the same as our Volunteer Abroad and Intern Abroad programs, but where volunteers work in roles where there is a specific need for people with professional experience. Start dates and duration of these projects are flexible to fit your schedule.

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Special Arrangements

Foreign Language Training One-on-One
Anyone (16+)

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing language skills, our classes will enable you to learn a great deal. You can choose to participate in only a language placement or spend a few weeks learning the local language before joining one of our diverse volunteer programs. This enables you to get the most out of your volunteering experience and is strongly recommended for those joining a medicine or journalism internship with a language requirement.

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Bring your Children on the Family trip of a lifetime

In most destinations children under 16 years old can accompany their parents on our projects to volunteer abroad together as a family.

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