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Volunteer Destinations

Intern & Volunteer in Africa

Volunteer on one of the most vibrant continents in the world - teach English to school children in Ethiopia or Morocco, work on a human rights project in Tanzania, Ghana or Togo, do conservation work in Madagascar, Botswana, South Africa or Kenya or work as a radio journalist in Senegal. Select from our huge variety of projects here.

Intern & Volunteer in Asia

With the religions and cultures as diverse as the landscapes, Asia is the perfect place to volunteer. Work in a hospital in Nepal, do a business placement in China, live with a Nomadic family in Mongolia,Teaching in Myanmar (Burma), participate on a marine conservation project in Thailand, teach English in the Philippines or IT in Sri Lanka or work with children in Vietnam or Cambodia. The opportunities are endless!

Intern & Volunteer in South Pacific

Join a teaching, care or medical project on the stunning islands of Fiji or Samoa.

Intern & Volunteer in Europe

Learn about the fascinating history and cultures of Eastern Europe in Romania. Participate on archaeological digs, work for a local newspaper, intern in a veterinary practice or coach sport in Romania or you can also provide valuable assistance to refugees and migrants in Italy.

Intern & Volunteer in Latin America & the Caribbean

From the paradise islands of Jamaica or the Galapagos in Ecuador to the Peruvian Andes or jungles of Mexico, Latin America offers something for everyone. We have a wide variety of projects on offer including; learning about the Incas in Peru, working in hospitals in Mexico, teaching in Universities in Bolivia, or learning Spanish in Argentina.

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