Dentistry volunteer and dentist do a routine oral checkup on a patient in India.

Dentistry Internship in India

Gain dentistry work experience in India as you learn from local professionals

At a glance

  • Gain dentistry experience in a high-quality dental office in India
  • Receive mentorship from a leading professional dentist
  • Immerse yourself in Indian culture as you explore the sights 

Start Dates: 


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Minimum Duration: 

Two Weeks


18 or over
You should be enrolled in healthcare related studies or training.

Is a Dentistry internship in India Right for Me?

Our Dentistry internship in India is for students serious about pursuing a career in oral health. This experience looks great on your CV, which will make it easier to stand out when applying for jobs in the field of dentistry.

To join this internship, you need to be a dental student already or have some relevant knowledge of the field. If you’re looking for extra dentistry work experience, then this placement is for you. You’ll be carefully guided by a leading dentist, so this is an opportunity to learn and build dentistry skills from a professional in the field.

Most importantly, however, a dentistry placement in India is a chance to make a real difference in the local community. You should be passionate about improving health levels in society and use this to motivate you to learn and grow in your dentistry career.

Your Dentistry internship runs all year round for a minimum of two weeks. We do recommend staying for as long as you can though, as this will give you the opportunity to learn more and have the greatest impact on the local community. 

Dentistry volunteer sits in the dental office before a consultation in India.

Receive mentorship from renowned dental professionals

You’ll be working in local dental practice, a clinic well known for adult orthodontics and clear aligner therapy. We’ve ensured that you are placed in a high-quality private surgery, so you have access to the best dental professionals.

The staff in this dental surgery have a track record of doing great work. Beyond this, they’re brilliant teachers. They’ll carefully monitor you and will always be available to answer your questions. This dentistry work experience in India is immersive, allowing you to closely observe dental procedures.

Observe a wide range of dental procedures first-hand

During your Dentistry internship in India, you’ll see all sorts of procedures take place. Whether these are health-related or purely cosmetic, be prepared to gain new insights into the world of dentistry.

You’ll be in the room for any procedures that you’ll find valuable. Much of your work will be observational, but this will teach you so much more than any textbook can.

Learn about the culture and health system of India

You’ll also become more familiar with the health system of India. You’ll learn what obstacles people face and how the work of dental professionals can improve oral health.

In your downtime, you’ll also explore the local area. We’ll offer advice for day trips to ensure you get the best experience possible, but you’ll be free to plan your own activities. This cultural immersion is positive for personal growth, building your confidence and understanding of another culture. Not to mention the fun and relaxing side of travel to India!

Where will my Dentistry internship take place?


Your Dentistry internship is located in Kochi, Kerala. It’s a sprawling, residential city located along the Southwestern coast of India. You’ll live in a house with other volunteers, just a 40-minute commute from where your internship work is carried out.

The dental clinic was selected because it’s a private dental practice with a strong reputation. Being private means:

  • A greater volume of highly skilled dental practitioners
  • A growing number of patients
  • Access to higher quality equipment
  • A wider range of more specialised procedures

On your days off, Kochi is known for its waterfront promenade, museums, and local heritage through art and antiques. Shops along Broadway sell fabrics, crafts, and spices, while modern Lulu Mall also has a cinema and an ice rink. Delicious eateries serve Keralan specialities and South Indian seafood, such as fish curry, biryani or dal.

Airport pickup, flights and visas

Our projects are based in Kochi. When you arrive at your respective airport, a member of Projects Abroad staff will be there to meet you. You can find more detailed information on arrival airports, orientation, and visas on our India Arrival Procedures page

What does a typical day look like?

You’ll wake up in your volunteer accommodation, instantly immersed in Indian culture. Start with a hearty homemade breakfast to prepare you for a busy day ahead. On the first day, our staff will show you how to get to the dental clinic to begin your work. After that, you’ll be able to make the commute yourself.

Each day will be different, but you’ll spend them observing dental procedures, whether that involves an implant, extraction, or fixing braces. You’ll be with the dental surgeon, patient, and no more than one other volunteer. This means that you’ll be able to closely observe dental work without distraction.

You can eat your lunch on-site before heading to your lesson for the day. This could be on oral rehabilitation or aesthetic dentistry, but whatever the topic, you’ll gain a comprehensive insight to help with your medical studies.

Travel back home for a local fish curry dinner, then head out to Marine Drive for some well-earned relaxation before you do it all again tomorrow. 

What are the aims of a Dentistry internship in India?

This project is designed with the following aims in mind:

  • Provide you as an intern with the knowledge to take your dentistry skills to the next level
  • Enhance your CV and boost your further education and employment prospects
  • Encourage the sharing of medical knowledge across cultures

Join our Dentistry internship in India and learn from local professionals while gaining valuable work experience. 

Local children smile from a tuk tuk in India.

Management plans

We set out the aims and objectives of our projects in documents called Management Plans. We use them to properly plan the work you’ll do. They also help us measure and evaluate our achievements and impact each year.

Ultimately, our Management Plans help us make our projects better. This in turn means you get to be part of something that makes a real impact where it’s needed. Read more about our Management Plans.

Measuring our impact

Our projects work towards clear long-term goals, with specific annual objectives. Every volunteer and intern we send to these projects helps us work towards these goals, no matter how long they spend on our projects.

Every year we take a step back and look at how much progress we've made towards these goals. We put together a Global Impact Report, which documents our achievements. Find out more about the impact our global community of volunteers, interns and staff make, and read the latest report.

Mat och boende

Du kommer dela boende med andra Projects Abroad resenärer under din tid i Indien. Vilket är det perfekta sättet att lära känna de andra resenärerna, dela upplevelser och utforska Indien tillsammans.

Ditt boende kommer vara rent, säkert och bekvämt. I priset ingår tre måltider om dagen.

Läs mer om våra boenden

Leisure activities and free time

Explore India, a country rich in heritage and vibrant in culture. 


India has so much to offer, from its beautiful coastal shores and meditative forests to its spicy delicacies and colourful markets. You'll be in awe by the organised chaos of transport and people, and amazed by local landmarks and temples that stand tall above the city. 


In Kerala, you can experience all this and more. It's famous as one of India's most serene states coupled with the soothing flow of the Backwater canal system that runs through communities. 


When you aren't exploring the surrounding areas, you can find your inner zen in a country known for its yoga practice. Improve your yoga technique or start from scratch. No matter your skill level, you'll take away great tips and techniques.


Our local staff will also facilitate regular social activities so that you can get to know volunteers and interns from other projects too. This is a great way to make an international group of friends who you can travel with during your trip.

Safety and staff support

Your safety and security is our prime concern. We have many procedures and systems to ensure you have all the extra support you need as a young person travelling abroad. Our Projects Abroad staff are there for you 24 hours a day during the week and over weekends to provide constant support and guidance. Our staff also make sure you feel comfortable and safe at your placement and accommodation. If you encounter any problems, they will be available to help at any time.

Find out more about safety and backup.

When you apply you only pay 19,500 INR, which comes off the total price. Flexible payment options and fundraising advice available.

Looking to do more than one project? Call us on +91 9999850304 to see if we can offer a discount.

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