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Interns and staff in Kenya take a photo on a volunteer project abroad for students.

Resolution Ideas to Kick-Start your 2023!

Four new year resolution ideas: volunteering opportunities for students

By Nadia Moore | 10th January, 2020
Updated on 05th July, 2023

Have you seen that GIF? The “sneaky George Clooney” GIF. For me, that represents 2023, which seemed to sneak up on all of us out of nowhere.

As we move further into January, it's not too late to start planning your resolutions for this year. To help you, we’ve come up with a resolution list that we think you can achieve through our best volunteer abroad projects for students in 2023. Let’s get started!

Resolution 1: Make your CV stand out on a student placement abroad

A medical intern in Argentina learns how to suture on a student placement abroad.

Your CV should never be static. It should expand as your experience does, and glow with references from people you worked for.

Why should students volunteer to boost their CV? By joining us, you’ll gain hands-on work experience and meet new professionals who can later become a shining reference! You’ll also develop global competencies like communication, planning and team-work.

If you’re looking for an internship or volunteer project with unique characteristics, consider these:

Another result from boosting your CV is that you’ll directly boost your employability.

Resolution 2: Enrich your research paper or thesis

A diver photographs a shark in Belize on one of our summer volunteer opportunities for students.

Over the years, we’ve had thousands of people take part in one of our internships or volunteer opportunities for university students. Many students use this time abroad for research purposes.

In two recent blog posts about wildlife conservation and marine conservation internships abroad, we spoke about a number of research fields that you’re able to explore with us. Here are a few highlights from those posts:

  • Peru’s Amazon rainforest, research fields: Tropical Biodiversity and Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Nepal’s Himalayan Mountains, research fields: Mountain Ecology and Conservation
  • Kenya’s African Savannah, research fields: African Savannah Biodiversity and Ecology
  • Thailand’s Andaman Sea, research fields: Marine Ecology and Ocean Pollution
  • Mexico’s Pacific Coastline, research fields: Sea Turtle Conservation and Crocodile Rehabilitation

These student placements abroad are an excellent way to gather data while making a difference. If these projects don’t align with your studies, consider exploring one of the following:

  • Law and Human Rights Internships abroad in South Africa, Mongolia, or Senegal
  • Medicine internships for students in Vietnam or Kenya
  • Teaching volunteer projects in South Africa, Jamaica, or Ecuador
  • Public Health opportunities in Cambodia or the Philippines
  • Business internships in places like China, Mongolia, or Sri Lanka

Have a look at all of our projects or get in touch with us if you have specific questions about your research work in regards to what we offer.

Resolution 3: Meet go-getters like yourself while abroad

Volunteers explore Mongolia over the weekend as part of their best volunteer opportunity for students.

Are you nervous about travelling the globe alone? Or are you excited about the prospect of meeting travellers with hopes, dreams and professional aspirations like your own? A volunteer or internship project is perfect for this. Use your time to network, build new friendships, or enhance current ones.

“I really felt as though the Projects Abroad staff went above and beyond to make sure we took advantage of every opportunity in Tanzania. I wasn’t expecting to make as great of friends as I did while in Moshi, and the experience was so positive that I am planning to take a trip back for more medical volunteering in the future.” - Medicine in Tanzania by Kate W

Our staff help organise social and cultural activities that help you experience the country from a local’s perspective, while bonding with your new friends. You can also join a group trip with set dates. Volunteer projects abroad for students can be hard work, but also lots of fun!

Resolution 4: Discover what you’re capable of like Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love”

On a student placement abroad, a volunteer is welcomed to Nepal by her host family.

When Julia Roberts travelled the world in search of something more than her mundane life, she found more than she expected. She found peace, diverse and beautiful cultures and she also found love.

A quick disclaimer: we can’t guarantee that you’ll meet the love of your life on a trip with us, BUT we can offer you a chance to learn more about yourself and the world you live in. How? Volunteering abroad for students means you will:

  • Live with a local host family and eat meals prepared in their homes.
  • Work closely with our local staff on the ground who will share their professional knowledge and experiences with you. They will support you 24/7.
  • Explore the country with recommendations from locals; it’s the perfect opportunity to travel with new volunteer friends.
  • Work hard, in climates that you’re not familiar with, but the work will be rewarding! You’ll help people, save animals and work to restore environments.

Your New Year’s Resolution list should be bursting with potential and excitement. A student volunteer placement abroad or an internship with us will definitely help uncover your strengths, what kind of work you like (or dislike), and how your studies can positively impact the world.

Feeling inspired? We hope so!

Dreaming of warmer months? Look into our summer work abroad for students. Hoping to take a break from your studies? Our best volunteer opportunities for students also include:

Now that the new year has snuck up on you, give your resolution list some serious thought. Good luck!

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