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Projects Abroad is the one of the first and the largest global organisation to organise volunteering and internship overseas. Projects Abroad sends around 10,000 volunteers and interns a year overseas and has organised over 60,000 projects since it was set up in 1992 by geographer and author, Dr Peter Slowe. Head office based in the UK, Projects Abroad works in more than 25 destination countries where our interns and volunteers take part in projects and 17 recruitment offices including India. The success of our organisation is due to our flexibility, simplicity, and range of worthwhile projects, our intern and volunteer network and the overseas support provided by over five hundred trained staff worldwide.

Interns and volunteers can take part in a variety of intellectual, interesting and enjoyable projects around the world. We offer project opportunities in Business, Teaching, Law and Human Rights, Journalism, Medicine and Healthcare, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Sports, Conservation and Environment, Care and Community, Language courses and many more.


Once overseas our interns and volunteers are placed in groups and they can generally expect to be amongst like minded individuals from different countries and continents around the world. We purposely position them closer with different cultures so that they have the chance to meet and share their experiences and cultures. Interns and volunteers typically meet at weekends and travel together visiting places of interest in their spare time.

Projects Abroad has an enviable network of overseas support; our offices are managed by dedicated and well trained staff in each of our 28 destinations all around the world and each placement has a project supervisor providing specific guidance and support throughout. Our interns and volunteers will gain firsthand knowledge and at the same time they will also be able to contribute their knowledge and skills to the placement organisation.


We recruit volunteers internationally from our 17 recruitment offices worldwide. Interns and volunteers can be pre-university, at university or graduates from university. Our existing portfolio of placements offers a variety of opportunities in a variety of sectors. Placements can range from as little as two weeks to an entire twelve months, with the majority of our interns applying for at least two months. Our interns do not receive a salary while on their placement, they work the normal working hours and they require full supervision and guidance whilst working on their placement.

India has grown very fast over the last decade with lots of opportunities in the field of business, conservation, law and human rights, journalism etc. In order to find a dream job in this competitive world, just a degree in a specific field won’t be enough but a well built resume CV with overseas work experience will make you the first choice for the recruiters. Our placements overseas are adventurous, worthwhile and enjoyable where you can learn about another culture, improve foreign language proficiency or gain extra hands on knowledge to prepare for a domestic or an international career.

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